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What is Go Cool?
Go Cool uses ice and water to provide the benefits of true Air Conditioning, in a compact and totally portable unit.  Go Cool's patented no coolant, no exhaust design means you can have air conditioning anywhere!
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Who is it for?
A weary truck driver after a long haul.  A family needing heat relief when the power is out.   A soldier stationed in the hottest place on earth.  A coach cooling a heat-stressed athlete. Heat is everywhere.  Now, Go Cool is too! 
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See it in action!

12 Volt Portable Air Conditioner

Go Cool is a mobile air conditioning and cooling system, featuring :

Simple technology which cools and dehumidifies - for ice cold, chemical free air conditioning

Runs on AC or DC, pulling under 2.0 amps.
Works with bagged or block ice, frozen jugs, bottles or gel-packs

Roots in DIY Air Conditioning
Built upon and A/C Repairman/Inventor's dream, Go Cool is air conditioning
without chemicals,using ice and water as its coolant.  Making Go Cool
one of the most efficient  air conditioners on the planet.  
Truly Mobile Air Conditioning

We designed Go Cool from the ground up to be a mobile air conditioner like no other.
Not only does it provide all of the benefits of a real air conditioner, but it does it in a
compact, truly mobile design.

With Go Cool, you can go anywhere, do anything and have cooling right
at your fingertips.

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